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Townsville: Notices to Mariners

The Townsville pilotage area is part of the North Queensland region.

To manage the risks associated with Coronavirus (COVID-19), all foreign trading ships must provide information on recent crew members and passenger travel history, and any sign of symptoms.

Publication and resources

  • Advice: Queensland waters PDF Popular

    06/05/2020: Declared Public Health Emergency direction

  • 353 T of 2020PDF

    28/09/2020: Townsville approach channels, harbours and berths—amended port navigation depths AUS charts affected: 256, 257

  • 329 of 2020PDF

    18/09/2020: Cleveland Bay—anchoring AUS charts affected: 256

  • 320 of 2020PDF

    10/09/2020: Townsville, Ross River—beacon established, isolated danger mark AUS charts affected: 256

  • 294 of 2020PDF Popular

    20/08/2020: Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island—North Cardinal Mark established AUS charts affected: 256, 257

  • 273 T of 2020PDF Popular

    07/08/2020: Cleveland Bay—rockwall construction zone, S2 replaced by starboard lateral mark AUS charts affected: 257, 256

  • Advice: Queensland CoastPDF Popular

    5/06/2020: Queensland Coast — Whale migration

  • 511 of 2019PDF Popular

    29/11/2019: Berth 11, Port of Townsville—Special Mark buoys, re-established AUS charts affected: 257

  • 391 of 2019PDF Popular

    23/08/2019: Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island—6 knots speed limit area, Special Mark Buoys, established AUS charts affected: 256

  • 390 of 2019PDF Popular

    23/08/2019: Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island—obstruction, isolated danger mark buoy established AUS charts affected: 256

  • 350 of 2019PDF Popular

    30/07/2019: Sea Channel, Platypus Channel, Cleveland Bay—beacon pile replacement and diving operations AUS charts affected: 256, 257

  • 325 of 2019PDF Popular

    09/07/2019: Sea and Platypus Channels, Cleveland Bay—beacon repositioned AUS charts affected: 256, 257

  • 214 of 2019PDF Popular

    14/05/2019: Pilot Boarding Place, Townsville—repositioned AUS charts affected: 256, 827

  • 100 of 2019PDF Popular

    01/03/2019: Sea Channel, Cleveland Bay—Sea Channel lateral beacons, re-established, positioned altered. AUS charts affected: 256, 257

  • 099 of 2019PDF Popular

    01/03/2019: Ross River, Townsville—Aids to navigation, re-established. AUS charts affected: 256, 257

  • 447 of 2018PDF

    05/11/2018: Cleveland Bay—special mark buoys established AUS charts affected: 256, 827

  • 252 of 2018PDF

    Middle Reef, Cleveland Bay—cardinal beacons established

  • 251 of 2018PDF

    Cleveland Bay, Townsville—Sea Channel Beacon S12 established

  • 243 of 2018PDF

    Townsville Ross Creek and Platypus Channel—Port busy signal light altered

  • 424 of 2017PDF

    Cleveland Bay, Townsville—Towsnsville, Pilot Boarding Ground "BRAVO" discontinued from 1 November 2017

  • 492 of 2016PDF

    Cleveland Bay—Sea Channel Beacon S2 established

  • 444 of 2016PDF

    Nelly Bay, Magnetic Island—East Cardinal mark, change of light character

  • 318 of 2016PDF

    Cleveland Bay, Townsville—Designated Anchorages established

  • 094 of 2016PDF

    Platypus Channel, Townsville—Platypus Channel Beacon P4 light altered

  • 326 of 2015PDF

    Cleveland Bay, Sea Channel—Beacon S5 established.

  • 277 of 2015PDF

    Ross River—changes to aids to navigation

  • 053 of 2015PDF

    Ross River, Townsville—lateral mark beacon established

  • 734 of 2014PDF

    Ross River, Townsville—lateral mark beacons established

  • 668 of 2014PDF

    Ross River, Townsville—lateral mark beacons established

  • 387 of 2014PDF

    Townsville Breakwater Marina, outer breakwall, channel entrance markers—navigational lights established

  • 307 of 2014PDF

    Townsville Ross Creek and Platypus Channel—port busy light characteristics changed.

  • 251 of 2014PDF

    Townsville Platypus Channel—berth 11 departure lead lights characteristics changed.

  • 570 of 2013PDF

    Nelly Bay, Magnetic Island—channel lateral beacons, light characteristics altered

  • 486 of 2013PDF

    Breakwater Marina channel lead lights—leading light day marks change of colour

  • 1306 of 2012PDF

    Townsville Port—berth 11 onshore arrival lead lights permanently altered

  • 736 of 2012PDF

    Geoffrey Bay, Magnetic Island—snorkel trail established

  • 688 of 2012PDF

    Ross River—navigational beacons established

  • 684 of 2012PDF

    Cape Pallarenda, Cleveland Bay—east cardinal marker buoy established

  • 683 of 2012PDF

    Ross River, Townsville—lateral marker permanently withdrawn

  • 165 of 2012PDF

    Cleveland Bay—special mark buoy established

  • 017 of 2012PDF

    Ross Creek—special mark buoy altered in position

  • 896 of 2011PDF

    Ross River, Townsville Marine Precinct—new entrance beacons established

  • 521 of 2011PDF

    Sea Channel Lead Lights—lead light characteristics

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